Simple translation

  1. Copy vital.pot file from vital/languages folder to your desktop for editing.
  2. Download Poedit and open the file with it.
  3. Choose the text to edit and enter your translation in the bottom box.
  4. Save your .po file according to language code followed by country code. If your translation is written in German, your file name will look like de_DE.po.
  5. Once you save, Poedit by default automatically creates the .mo file alongside with .po file.
  6. Upload the .po and .mo files you just created to your /languages folder so they are in the same directory as the vital.pot
  7. In Settings/General scroll to the last setting and choose the language.


Multi-language translation

Multi-language translations require plugins made specifically for this. You can use any plugin of your choice. We can suggest WPML (paid) , Polylang (free) and qTranslate X (free) plugins.