These are general options of the theme, they control global look of the website.

  • Theme accent color
  • This will be general color scheme for your website and will be applied to all predefined elements. Color of some elements can be overridden later in color options.

  • Theme secondary accent color
  • This will be secondary color for your website. Used mainly for some blog links, breadcrumbs and text selection color.

  • Layout style
  • Choose between full width or boxed style for the website in general. It can be overridden for specific pages later.

  • Content width
  • This setting will apply selected layout width to your website. It can be overridden for specific pages later.

  • Sticky sidebar
  • If enabled page and post sidebars will always be visible while you scroll.

  • Scroll to top button
  • Enable or disable “To Top” button when you scroll down.

  • Enable srcset attribute for images
  • This will enable srcset attribute for the images in theme elements (Premium elements in Visual Composer) and create two more image sizes – 2x bigger and 2x smaller.

    Read more about srcset attribute here.