This section controls global options for single posts.


  • Default post layout

    Choose the default post layout. It can be later changed individual posts in post options.
  • Custom date and time format

    Enable custom post date format, i.e, “Just Now”, “5 minutes ago” or “3 days ago”. After 7 days date and time format from general settings is displayed.
  • Open read more links from top

    Makes read more link open post at the top instead of default tag placement.
  • Enable post content sidebar

    Enables sidebar within post content. Add widgets in Appearance/Widgets – “Single Post Content Sidebar”.


  • Toggle elements in single post view

    Enable or disable post information (featured image, post date, post author, labels etc.) on single post page.

Post Header

  • Post title area

    Choose whether to display or hide post title area. Includes title, category links and post labels.
  • Title area style

    Select one of the seven available post title styles:
  1. Standard style 
  2. Title within content 
  3. Full screen cover 
  4. Full screen split with featured image on the left 
  5. Full screen split with featured image on the right 
  6. Featured image with meta sidebar on the left 
  7. Featured image with meta sidebar on the right
  • Use featured image as background

    Sets current post featured image as background image for the title area.
    If no featured image is set, Default post image setting from the Blog Options/Blog Post Elements is used.
  • Custom cover for featured image

    If featured image as a background is enabled, you can set custom css cover for it, as a css background value, e.g.,

    linear-gradient(to bottom, rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.3), rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.6)).
  • Custom page title styles

    Customize default post title styles with options like padding, alignment, font size, color, background and more.

Keep Reading

  • Enable more posts

    Enable and configure loading of full related posts after the end of the current post content has been reached.