Post Options allow to individually style every post and add post specific features.

These options are located below the post editor.

General Options

Allows to override default settings set in theme options, such as theme colors, layout, content width and insert background ads.

Header Options

This option lets override default header settings and styles.

  • Sticky header

    Choose if you want to enable smart, standard or use a static header (menu bar) type.
  • Header type

    Choose from standard or overlay header type.
  • Post title area

    Enable or disable title area for this post.
  • Custom post title styles

    Change every aspect of the default title area styles set in Theme Options/Single Post/Post Header, like layout, padding, colors, background image, etc. Post title area setting above must be enabled to make customization.
  • Top Bar

    Enable or disable the top bar widgets for the current post.

Post Settings

  • Template

    Choose post template. Overrides default settings set in theme options.
  • Header content

    Optional content displayed below the header. Shortcode enabled. It will not be included into the post excerpt.
  • Lead content

    Optional content displayed below the title. Shortcode enabled. It will not be included into the post excerpt.
  • Featured image after title

    Turn on or off featured image after title.
  • Post content sidebar

    Enable sidebar within post content for current post only overriding default settings from theme options. Add widgets in Appearance/Widgets – Single Post Content Sidebar.
  • Post labels

    Add some labels to the post, e.g., “Sponsored Content”.


Enable review functionality for the post. Reviews can be placed before or after the content. Overall rating or rating breakdown options are available, as well as multiple titled text boxes to structure the review.

All reviews are automatically populated with structured data and are ready for advanced search engine display.

Additional options are located on the right sidebar of the editor.

Featured Image Caption

Optional caption text for the featured image (if enabled) in single post view.

Custom URL for Link Post Type

Optional custom URL for the link post type. Applied to title and featured image in blog view. Supports external links.