These are general options of the theme, they control global look and behavior of the website.

  • Theme accent color

    This will be general color scheme for your website and will be applied to all predefined elements. Color of some elements can be overridden later in color options.
  • Contrast color for theme accent color

    This will be contrast color for elements that are on “accent color” colored background, e.g., text on the button with theme background color. Make sure that selected color contrasts with “Theme accent color”.
  • Theme impact color

    This color is used on elements that stand out, e.g, large comments number, rating stars etc. It can be set to the same color as accent color if you do not with to use two-color design.
  • Layout style

    Choose between full width, boxed content and full boxed style for the website in general. It can be overridden for specific pages later.
  • Content width

    This setting will apply selected layout width to your website. It can be overridden for specific pages later.
  • Sticky sidebar

    If enabled page and post sidebars will always be visible while you scroll.
  • Scroll to top button

    Enable or disable “To Top” button when you scroll down.
  • Display post date only

    Hide post publishing time and display date only for all instances of the post date output.