This section controls global blog, category and archive pages of the website.


  • Blog page layout

    Default layout for the blog, category and archive pages. Right, left sidebar or full width.
  • Optionally import page content

    Choose page content that will be imported before the post list. This option can be used to display custom content for the blog page, for example create a page with custom article block layouts and use this page instead the standard archive page layout.
  • Show default blog posts

    Show or hide default blog posts. You can choose to hide default posts if you display import custom page content from the settings above or leave it enabled and use them together.
  • Exclude category from blog

    This option will exclude selected category posts from blog and search pages.
  • Offset

    Number of post to displace or pass over. Example, to pass two posts enter: 2
  • Pagination type

    Choose form available pagination types – numeric, next-previous buttons, load more button or infinite scroll. 

Blog Header

  • Blog page title area

    Show or hide blog page title area.

Blog Post Display

  • Column count

    Choose column layout for the blog pages. One to three columns are available.
  • Article layout

    Choose layout for the article – title above the image, image above the title, image on the side, content over image.
  • Article style

    Choose style for the article – default, minimal or impact. Minimal style has thinner fonts, while impact style comes with bold uppercase and underline.
  • Article size

    Choose size for the article – small, medium or large.
  • Article content type

    Choose what to display on category page – excerpt, full content or nothing. Note that only ‘Full Content’ respects WordPress ‘read more’ tag.

Blog Post Elements

  • Post image

    Hide or display post featured image in blog and archive post list.
  • Default post image

    Set the default image applied to all posts that do not have featured image set. It will also be used in single post headers if no featured images is set for the post.
  • Display default image

    Hide or display default post image in blog and archive post list. Even if set to OFF, this image will be used in post meta for structured data.
  • Toggle elements in blog, category and archive pages

    Set of options to enable or disable post elements.
  • Enable blog loop content

    Add custom content that will appear after each post.
    Great for adding advertisement or social sharing shortcode.