Article Block is the main element to display posts on pages. Settings described on this page are applicable to other post related elements.

*Note that some settings are automatically hidden if not applicable to chosen layout or cannot be used together with other selected setting.


  • Article layout

    Choose layout for displaying posts within current article block:

    • Image on top
    • Title above image
    • Image on the left
    • List
    • List with image
    • Content over image
    • Card with image
  • Columns

    Select column count, 1-6 columns are available for each layout. Given the fact that separate article blocks can be put inside row columns, you can create any layout variations.
  • Article style

    Choose size for the article – small, medium or large.
  • Space between articles

    Choose from default, small and no space. Default space depends on chosen layouts and can be 60px or 30px. Small space is 15px.
  • Custom title size

    Set custom title size to override default style. Remember to add unit size, e.g., 24px.
  • Title text transform

    Select text transform for the title – uppercase, lowercase, capitalize or none.
  • Title align

    Choose left, right and centered title alignment.
  • Thumbnail size

    Choose thumbnail size from 5 theme defined and 5 standard WordPress sizes.
  • Hover effect

    Choose one of the available hover effects – images to black and white, blur image, zoom image, black and white + zoom, blur + zoom.
  • CSS Animation

    Select type of animation for element to be animated when it enters the browsers viewport.
  • CSS Animation Delay

    Delay the animation start for chosen amount of milliseconds.
  • Extra class name

    If you wish to style particular content element differently, then use this field to add a class name and then refer to it in your css file or custom css field. For example, add class my-custom-class and then refer to it using .my-custom-class {color:#fff;}. Adding multiple classes is supported (comma separated).
  • Element ID

    Unique ID for the article block. Automatically generated, but can be modified if needed. 


Set colors for all article block elements using color-picker with opacity options.


  • Content type

    Choose what to display – no content, excerpt or full content. Note that only full content respects WordPress read more tag.
  • Hide post date

    Enable or disable display of the post publishing date.
  • Hide post category

    Enable or disable display of the post categories.
  • Hide post author

    Enable or disable display of the post author.
  • Hide post comment count

    Enable or disable display of the post comment count. Only native WordPress comments are counted.
  • Hide post reading time

    Enable or disable display of the reading time – a calculated time needed to read the post content.
  • Hide post format

    Enable or disable display of the post format. It can be selected in post format settings.
  • Hide post labels

    Enable or disable display of the post labels. Post labels are added in post options.
  • Hide post review rating

    Enable or disable display of the reviews. Reviews can be created in post options.
  • Add custom content after each post

    Add content that will be placed after each post in this loop. Great for adding advertisement shortcode or social sharing shortcode with bundled Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress plugin.


  • Do not duplicate posts

    When activated posts that are already shown before in other post section will not be displayed. When using two separate article blocks in columns, the count starts from left column, i.e., with this option enabled posts shown in left column will not be repeated in right column.
  • Allow to duplicate posts from this section

    Other post sections below will include posts from this section even if “Do not duplicate posts” will be active. Useful when adding sections like most popular posts or other that you don’t want to be excluded from article blocks below.
  • Posts per page

    Number of post to show per page (enter -1 to show all posts)
  • Limit posts by time period

    You can limit posts by time periods. Show posts from today, this week or this month – based on calendar, as well as posts from last 24 hours, past 7 days or past month.
  • Pagination type

    Choose from available pagination types:

    • None – shows only one page
    • Load more button – loads news posts on the button click
    • Post carousel – horizontal sliding posts
    • Infinite scroll – loads new posts as soon as user has reached the last post
    • Numeric paginaton – standard pagination with loading the next page
  • Offset

    Number of posts to displace or pass over, e.g., enter 1 to start with second post. Does not work with pagination.
  • Order

    Choose ascending or descending order.
  • Order by

    Choose from all available ordering parameters.


Filter the results using various parameters such as categories, tags and author. IN, NOT IN and AND operators are available:

IN – Posts must be at least in ONE of selected categories or tags;
NOT IN – Excludes posts that are in selected categories or tags;
AND – Post must be in ALL selected categories or tags.

Second filtering level is available to refine the results.


  • Do not duplicate posts

Your custom query that overrides options from Settings and Filter tab. Pagination and “Allow to duplicate posts from this section” options from Settings tab will still be respected. 

Example query: post_type=page&posts_per_page=5&order=desc 

Please see WP Query documentation for more information.