Google AMP is a website publishing technology that lets you create web pages that load almost instantly on mobile phones. AMP enabled websites tend to score higher in search rankings when accessed from a mobile device. 

Telling theme supports AMP posts based on official WordPress AMP Project plugin.

  1. Install the AMP plugin.
  2. In plugin’s General settings enable Readers mode.
  3. Select Posts in Supported Templates.
  4. Go to Appearance/Customize/AMP to customize the style of AMP posts.
  5. The AMP plugin uses standard site identity logo for structured data, go to Appearance/Site Identity/Logo and add the logo image. (If you do not want this image to be used as your default website logo, make sure to set logo in Theme Options/Header Options/Logo)

    The logo should fit in a 60x600px rectangle, and either be exactly 60px high (preferred), or exactly 600px wide. For example, 450x45px would not be acceptable, even though it fits within the 600x60px rectangle.

    As Google tends to update the rules, please follow the image size recommendations specified here:
  6. Your website is now ready to serve AMP pages. To preview AMP version of your post, add ?amp to the end of the URL.