Post options allow to individually style every post.

  • General Options
  • Allow to override default setitngs set in theme options, such as theme colors, layout, content width and top bar.

  • Post Settings
      1. Lead content – optional content displayed below the title. Shortcode enabled. It will not be included into post excerpt.
      2. Header style – change header style for current post otherwise selected in Appearance/Theme Options/Single Post.
      3. Post title area – enable default title area for this post.
      4. Featured image after title – turn on or off featured image after title.
      5. Post content sidebar – Enable sidebar within post content for current post only overriding default settings from theme options. Add widgets in Appearance/Widgets – “Single Post Content Sidebar”.
      6. Template – choose post template. Overrides default settings set in theme options.
      7. Set different width for paragraphs – specify maximum width for text paragraphs without affecting other content , e.g., images.
      8. Post labels – add some labels to the post, e.g., “Sponsored Content”.


  • Pre-content
  • This option lets you create a custom header content. See more on Custom Post Header.

  • Product Review (located below post options box)
  • Add review functionality to the current post.