Here are some simple tips for optimizing and monitoring your website:

  • Your server plays the most important role in website speed. Make sure that your hosting plan meets your expectations and WordPress requirements.
  • Use caching plugin like W3 Total Cache or any other plugin of your choice. Start with simple settings, enable Page Cache, Browser Cache and Minify and see how it improves speed and performance score.
  • You can use WP Performance Score Booster plugin to remove query strings from static content. This is the only option of the plugin we use, if W3 Total Cache plugin is active.
  • Images usually make biggest part of the page size. Use image optimization plugin to reduce image sizes greatly. Here is a great list of best image optimization plugins. You can also use TinyPNG online image optimizer before uploading an image, if you prefer such workflow.
    Our theme fully supports CDN (Content Delivery Networks) so you can make your website images load faster.
  • Monitor your website performance using Pingdom Tools, Page Speed or more in depth GT Metrix service.