Page Options allow to individually style every page.

  • General Options
  • Allow to override default setitngs set in theme options, such as theme colors, layout and content width.

  • Header
    1. Sticky header – override header settings set in theme options.
    2. Top bar – disable top bar on current page only. If top bar is not enabled in theme options, this setting has no effect.
    3. Overlay header – enables overlay header on current page. Overlay header is configured in Theme Options/Header options/Overlay Header.
    4. Page title – display or hide page title.
    5. Custom page title styles – change page title styles set in theme options (Theme Options/Content Visuals/Page Heading) for the current page.
      • When setting custom title paddings, use shorthand padding property, e.g., 40px 30px 40px 30px (top-right-bottom-left).
      • Set at least 30px as left and right paddings if you want to keep side spaces in responsive mode.


  • Pre-content
  • This option lets you create a custom header content. See more on Custom Header.