Pre-content area

Activates additional area before page title and main content.

You can customize header image section for posts with image header styles by enabling and making changes to pre-content area.


  1. Height – set optional fixed height for the area. If not set, auto height is used.
  2. Responsive height – enables auto height on mobile devices starting with tabled portrait. If pre-content area has content in Custom HTML field, set to On. If it is just background image, set to Off.
  3. Max width – set optional maximum width of the content in pre-content area. For full width enter 100% or none
  4. Inner paddings – set optional paddings for the content in the area.
  5. Background – color or background image for the area.
  6. Custom HTML – any custom code, including shortcodes (not displayed in posts with “Featured image with title overlay” header style).