This section controls global blog, category and archive pages of the website.



  • Blog page layout
  • Default layout for the blog, category and archive pages. Right, left sidebar or full width.

  • Blog page title
  • Show or hide blog page title.

  • Custom page title styles
  • Customize page title style to be different from default styles set in Content Visuals/Page Heading.

    • When setting custom title paddings, use shorthand padding property, e.g., 40px 30px 40px 30px (top-right-bottom-left).
    • Set at least 30px as left and right paddings if you want to keep side spaces in responsive mode.


  • Pre-content area
  • Activates additional area before page title and main content.

    1. Height – set optional fixed height for the area. If not set, auto height is used.
    2. Responsive height – enables auto height on mobile devices starting with tabled portrait. If pre-content area has content in Custom HTML field, set to On. If it is just background image, set to Off.
    3. Max width – set optional maximum width of the content in pre-content area. For full width enter 100% or none
    4. Inner paddings – set optional paddings for the content in the area.
    5. Background – color or background image for the area.
    6. Custom HTML – any custom code, including shortcodes.


  • Exclude category from blog
  • This option will exclude selected category posts from blog and search pages.

  • Offset
  • Number of post to displace or pass over. Example, to pass two posts enter: 2

  • Pagination type
  • Choose form available pagination types – numeric, load more button or infinite scroll.


Blog Post Display

  • Post style
  • Choose default post style for blog, category and archive pages.

  • Post column count
  • Select column count.

  • Content type
  • Choose what to display on blog index pages. Note that only Full Content respects WordPress read more tag.

  • Custom post title size
  • Set optional custom post title size for your selected design. Please add size units, e.g., 24px

  • Custom post title size on mobile
  • et optional custom post title size for mobile screens starting at 767px. Please add size units, e.g., 24px


Blog Post Display

  • Toggle elements in blog, category and archive pages
  • Enable or disable post elements.

  • Enable blog loop content
  • Add custom content that will appear after each post.
    Great for adding advertisement shortcode or social sharing shortcode with bundled Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress plugin.