Child Theming

For your customizations we have prepared a child theme, which is located in main files download package inside Child_theme/ folder.

View child theme handbook.


Theme Hooks

Mag includes 15 theme hooks in different locations. Theme hooks can be used to add your own content to hook location without modifying original files.

The full list of hooks and location description can be found in mag/inc/hooks.php.

For example, let’s look at one of the hooks:

 * Top of page
 * HTML context: before page content and sidebar
 * Location: page.php, page-left-sidebar.php, page-right-sidebar.php, page-no-paddings.php, page-dual-sidebar.php
function mnky_hook_page_top() {
	do_action( 'mnky_page_top' );

In this simple example we will output some text where the hook is located by using this function:

function output_some_text() {
    echo '<p>This site is amazing.</p>';

That’s basically all we need.