Importing demo data

If you do not wish to import full demo data, all pages are also available as ready made templates. Read more.

  1. After theme is activated you will be navigated to Appearance/Install Demo section of the theme.
  2. Install and activate required plugins and Contact Form 7 plugin if you want demo forms to be imported.
  3. Hover over demo and click Install button. Please be patient, it may take few moments to import attachments.

  5. Import process will start, and you will see a spinner while demo is being imported. Do not close the page during the process.

  7. When import is finished, you will see a message.

    (In rare cases you may see a different message saying “All done!”. That means that process has finished, but with with some hiccups. It has probably been successful, but please check, if everything was imported correctly.)

  9. Go to Appearance/Theme Options and click Save Changes for custom fonts to be applied.
  10. Now everything is set up including pages, posts, menus, widgets and reading settings.

If you press Import button of the same demo once again, it will not duplicate already existing content, which means that it is safe to do that. Menus are the only exception – menu items will be duplicated, even if they already exist. However, you need to delete/clear imported demo data before importing other demo.

If you got timeout error during demo import, and content was imported only partially, you can go back and try import once again.


Clearing demo & other data

Note that this action will revert your WordPress to a fresh installation state, all content will be removed.

When you decide to remove demo data and revert your WordPress installation to a fresh state, you can use WordPress Database Reset plugin. Select all tables and proceed.

For multi-site use specialized plugins like WPMU Database Reset.